You Can Always Begin Again

Winter Solstice JournalOver the course of December I have moved away from my home in Bristol and celebrated my Birthday, Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year with family and friends in my home town of Newcastle. I’ve sorted through and packed away my belongings into storage and I am ready to embrace the life of a gypsy nomad (for the foreseeable future at least)! Next week I leave for a three month trip to Bali and North India and when I return I will be spending the Spring and Summer season on the road in the UK working and creating in nature.

This time of season always seems particularly poignant with the closing of one year and the beginning of the next.

We have the opportunity to leave last years story behind and begin again.

Winter Solstice Intention CollageI honored this time of transition through my journaling practice and created an intention collage to get a feel of my main themes for the coming year. From this practice I came up with some key words;

Simplicity, Nature and Heart.

This year I would like to live a simpler, more nature based and heart centered life. I would like to give myself ample opportunities and support to live in the moment and embrace life as it arises. I want to listen to the call and see where it leads me.

This really is an exciting time for us all, which is only accentuated by all the opportunities for reflection and transition that the end of the year offers. Personally, I feel like I am in a great place and that the year ahead is ripe with possibilities. I am pretty much ready to shake off last years story and begin again simply, naturally and with plenty of heart.

Here’s to a year of moments filled with mindfulness,

eyes filled with wonder and hearts full of gratitude.

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