Spring is Stirring

It’s really wonderful to start shrugging off the warm blankets of winter and to begin moving toward all the new life and opportunities that spring will bring.

Intention Collages

The first Space to Create session of the year was a joy to be part of. It was a really beautiful morning, the sun was streaming through the big window whilst everyone peacefully chatted and created. It was a wonderfully calming and supportive atmosphere and everyone made really inspired, unique, intention collages. Big thanks to everyone that took part.

(See some images from the morning in the ‘Workshops’ Gallery.)

I’ve spent a few relaxing evenings doodling away creating little art gifts as opposed to my usual incentive of art journaling. It’s a wonderful practice to create a piece with a special person in mind. And the beginnings of my ‘shop products’ have been taking shape in the form of postcards, greetings cards and mini canvasses, I’m very much looking forward to getting everything together and ready to launch in the next few months.

Looking forward to March…. I’ll be co-facilitating a mural project for International Woman’s Day with members of the Old Market Women’s Lunch Club. This will be my first ever collaborative mural project and something that I have wanted to do for a long time so I am super excited to have this opportunity and look forward to seeing were it leads.

The new growth of Spring is getting underway, lets nurture it and see how brightly it can bloom.

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