Moments to be Present

What a busy month January has turned out to be! Its normally a time for hibernating and reflecting for me but instead I have been starting a load of new projects and ventures.

Watercolour Illustration

I have to try hard not to get too overwhelmed when projects pile up and my schedule gets hectic. This month I’ve been consciously inviting simplicity and space into my life. I began my Reiki Level Two training this month so I can feel a real clearing and balancing process happening.

I moved into a little studio here in Bristol this month, well I’m still making the transition to be honest! Although I haven’t spent a great deal of time there yet it feels amazing to start painting again and wonderful to begin setting up and creating the space.

My aim is to stay grounded, alert and organised whilst surrendering to what the universe has to offer.

I’ve been spending a lot of time out in the rain doing play sessions with the APE project and Forest School groups and a very wet Wassail celebration at Boiling Wells in St Werburghs. I’m pretty fed up with the endless rain to be honest but kids are really great role models for not letting adverse weather conditions spoil your fun and its been great to be outside whatever the weather….and I feel amazing gratitude whilst sipping a lovely cup of tea at the end of it!

I had a wonderfully cosy and relaxing day in amongst all the activity drawing this picture for my Dads birthday. I absolutely love gifting my art work.

January’s Insight for me has been that even in the most busy times we can still find space to breathe and keep things simple with our intentions and our attitude by finding those quiet moments among all the hustle and bustle to be present and grounded one step at a time.

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