It Takes Great Courage to Stand Alone

Cosy-ing down on a winters evening, relaxing in contemplation with a cup of my favourate herbal, I received this poingnant message from the tag on my Yogi Teabag…

‘It takes great courage to stand alone.’

Autumn brought with it a great deal of reflecting in both my work and my personal life, carrying with it deep lessons of letting go and surrendering to the death and inevitable rebirth of what I have come to know. Grieving a relationship, moving house, starting a new job all have important lessons to impart. All bring us closer to ourselves. Things have most definitely been shook up for me lately and my teabags words seemed to ring particularly true.

Letting Go journal page

now as I begin to settle into winter like the snow drifting down to the cold ground, I dig deep for the courage to stand alone. 

The festivities of Christmas and new year were a welcome distraction from what was coming to pass and reminded me of my grounding and held me safe in the knowledge that I will always be surrounded by true friends. My soul family. Whether near or far their energy can always be felt.

On January 2nd, one of my New Years Intentions was quick off the mark. I spent some days with my beloved friend Ralph of Blueleaf Studio designing this great new website. It was a gratifying experience to mingle my creative vision with Ralph’s design expertise and come up with a new incarnation for my online creative life. So it is with renewed clarity and motivation that I start this new year and embrace all that it has to bring. And as we creep toward the Spring equinox I am reminded of the cycles of which we are all part. It lets me know that all is taken care of and that it is time to continue nurturing the foundations and incubating those seedlings in preparation for the new life that will, in due time, bloom forth into the world.

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