I Heart Homemaking

I moved home this month. From the comfort and routine of couple-dom, to going into it alone in a shared house up on the hill. Integrating into and creating my new home space has had me contemplating the act of homemaking.

I am realising that through consciously participating in this process,

I am artistically creating new ways of being.


The act of creation in the making of our home is a gratifying artistic endevour. Our homes evolve along with the experiences we have within them and offer us an opportunity for expressing our lives in an artistic manner. Through creating our living environment we have an opportunity for expressing the contents of our lives, I see my home as an homage to all that I am grateful for in my life.

A place where I can feel comfortable, inspired

and surrounded by the things I love and need.

When we begin to view our lives as our ultimate works of art, we begin to respond to a room, it’s colour, objects and energy in the same way that we would respond to a work of art. Seeing and experiencing the unique story that is being told through the act of creating a space.


We usually furnish our homes with much loved objects. Items that hold memories, items that perform a function for the things that we choose to do with our time. Each item can tell a story, add it’s unique tale to the beautifully complex tapestry. The home becomes a personal creative expression of those living in it. However, it is not only the objects within a home that make it. The energy and experiences that we bring to our homes add the life blood, the soul.

It is this that is the ongoing creative process.

The unfolding work in progress.

Where you always get to add another layer and evolve into something new.

When we consider the process of homemaking in a consciously creative way, we can make for ourselves the most comforting and inspiring of nests. A safe haven which we can return home to and remember our roots, our core and our light.

My Desk

For me this is a most sacred space.

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