Gifts and Gratitude and Green Earth Awakening

This month I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new Etsy shop!

My Creative Life Shop BannerIt has been a pleasure to take my time over the process of creating and compiling artwork for my online shop and I am now happy to announce that it has gone live. If you would like to own a piece of my artwork or feel inspired to gift it to someone, you can find canvases, cards, prints, zines and other creative goodies on my Etsy shop (

Green Tara Banner

I had the pleasure of returning to Buddhafield this year for their ‘Green Earth Awakening’ camp. As always it rocked my world.

I came away feeling a little bit wiser, massively inspired and glowing in my heart-space.

I created this banner of Green Tara for the event. From beginning to end, the whole creative process was quite an amazing journey!

I also tried my hand at a bit of fly pitching on the Sunday afternoon with some of my new greetings cards and was truly overwhelmed and blessed with all the positive comments, kind words and genuine interest in my creative process.

I usually spend my summers going from festival to festival doing workshops, decor and art installations but this year I decided to step off that path and take some time out this summer to focus on all the wonderful things that are going on for me in Bristol. This decision has acted as a reminder that it is important to step of the meri-go-round from time to time and re-assess our habits and situations.

Being aware of new opportunities and being open to change, Creates new avenues of being. Pushing our edges to grow in new and unexpected ways.

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