Free Range Flights of Fancy

I really find it amazing what a fresh perspective I have when I return home from time spent away from the routine of day to day living. I spent the month of September on holiday. First in Portugal with my beloved family then in South Sinai with my beloved partner Ben.

Two beautifully different experiences with plenty of time to slow down, relax, be mindful and show gratitude for the good things in life.

Desert Girl

In particular it was the sense of space to reflect and the books I was reading whilst away that really shifted my perspective. These two fantastic books that I whole heatedly recommend are ‘Free Range Humans’ by Marianne Canterwell ( and ‘Screw Work Lets Play’ by John Williams ( ). Reading these books on holiday really gave me the space to fully explore the concepts within them away from the normal distractions and pressures of everyday life and society. Through the inspiring content and self explorations layed out in each book I have been getting even more clear on what is important to me in my life. Where my passions lie, what my gifts are and how to continue implementing changes to make these a more central part of who I am and what I offer to the world.

I was also happy to find out that ‘My Creative Life’┬ácan be labelled a ‘Portfolio Career’. I realised that subconsciously this made me feel a strange sense of relief. That my somewhat scattered working life is understood and supported in the business world!

Arriving home smack bang in the middle of Autumn has further accentuated my focus.

The change of the seasons has always had a very strong and instinctual effect on me and Autumn being a time for letting go, focusing on the essentials and taking ideas within into a nurturing environment to fertilise and develop, has really helped these ideas to take root and begin to form in my heart and mind. I feel excited about the ideas that are bubbling up inside me.

I feel a renewed sense of confidence in my direction and I feel more certain than ever that I don’t actually have to succumb to the societal expectations of getting a ‘real job’.

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