Falling into Autumn

As if in testament to the outpourings of Summer. The whirlwind of activity and the non-stop excitement of creative action… It has taken me till the still afternoons of Autumn to sit down, take stock and revisit my online musings. It’s hard to believe that it was six months ago when I wrote my last post, that’s pretty bad form!

So my loves, let’s get up to date…

Tenerife Painting

In brief, Spring was full of stress, study and manic planning but it all seemed worth while when Summer saw me graduating from my Steiner Teacher Training course, stepping up to the roles of Site Decor Coordinator at Buddhafield Festival and Creative Director of the Hidden Woods at Boomtown Fair… along with some beautiful day trips, facilitating Forest School Summer Camp  and a family holiday to Tenerife thrown in for good measure, I’ve pretty much had a dream of a Summer!.. my gallery is finally updated too, so you can take a look at my new pictures and see some of my journey.

How grateful I am for all the fruits that Summer has brought and the many opportunities that I have been offered to shine. So proud of myself and all the beautiful beings who helped me along the way.

So now Autumn is breathing her reflective sigh and I feel ready to surrender to her nourishing, restorative energies. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. These past few weeks I have been walking in the woods and the wilds, really feeling it’s magical pull drawing me into my inner worlds to reflect. Autumn is a time to celebrate and reflect on our achievements of the summer and to let go of what has come to pass, and what is no longer needed. It is a time to prepare and make way for the coming winter. To gather the ‘seeds’ that we will incubate and nourish within us over the dark months ready to re-emerge in the Spring. So let your energy fall back down into your roots. Ground and rest yourself. Surrender with an open heart to the pull of the quieter months ahead.


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