Creating Connections, Creating Change

Spring has been bringing some joyous creative connections my way.

I have been really reaping the benefits and insights these opportunities to connect and collaborate have been offering me. Of course there have been some challenging moments and times of self doubt but it really is through confronting these insecurities and stepping outside our comfort zones that we really do get extraordinary opportunities to grow.

Womans Day Mural

Our women’s mural at Arts West Side was a beautiful month long journey of creativity and connectivity which resulted in this gorgeous creation, It was an honour to be part of the project and it has really ignited in me a passion for working with groups in this way. I look forward to nurturing and evolving this side of my practice in the future.

(Find more images from our mural making journey in the ‘Workshops’ Gallery)

DSCF1186I have also recently spent a weekend in the idyllic land of Embercombe with a truly inspirational organisation called Imayla taking part on a residential course called ‘Getting Out There’. The weekend was such a re-centering for me. Re-connecting me to the powers of spending time and learning in nature and the value of authentic and heart-felt education that is so important for our future.

(See more images from my trip to Embercombe ┬áin the ‘Into The Nature’ Gallery.)

I came away with a feeling of peaceful motivation and a deeper insight into my evolving passion of bringing the best hope and happiness to the next generation of ‘change makers’.

Steiner Waldorf Chalk DrawingThis set me in good stead for a full week of Steiner Teacher Training. The week was pretty heavy going with lots of information to take on-board but feeling freshly inspired form Embercombe helped keep the momentum going. I particularly enjoyed the variety of games we learned in ‘Movement for Classes’, our first taste of chalk board drawing outside in the sun and some of the interesting topics covered in ‘Art History and the Evolution of Consciousness’.I feel very grateful for all these opportunities to learn, grow, share and evolve.

We are indeed ‘the change makers’ and I look forward to going with the flow this summer and seeing where the current takes me.

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