Create an Intention Collage

An intention collage is a mixed media collage which helps to bring the light of our awareness toward recognising and manifesting our dreams and intentions.

My favorite time to make an intention collage is around the turning of the seasons. This has become a little Solstice/ Equinox ritual for me and I feel it helps me clarify my visions for the coming season and stay focused and aware of certain life themes and lessons that come up for me.

To begin making your Intention Collage you’ll need to collect some collaging materials. Old magazines, brochures, and paper ephemera are a good place to start and if there are certain images you feel you are missing whilst your in the process of collaging, you can always look pictures up on-line and print them out. You will also need some scissors, a glue stick, some pens and some stiff paper or your journal to stick your collage onto.

Now you’ve got all your materials together, set them out in your space to create and get yourself comfortable. Maybe light a candle or some incense, put on some music and make sure you wont be disturbed.

Materials (Medium)

Before diving into the process of making your collage, take a few moments to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Just coming back home to yourself and resting in your breath. When you feel relaxed and centered you can ask your subconscious mind to give you some insight into what is important for you this coming season. Try not to analyse or become attached to anything that comes up just yet. Take on the role of non-judgemental, loving witness and let any thoughts and sensations simply arise and pass.

When you feel ready, take  moment to come back to your centre and then open your eyes. Now begin looking through your collage materials and tearing/ cutting out anything that appeals to you. You do not have to use everything in the final composition, or even know why you chose it, just go with instinct for now.

Once you have a nice pile of words and images you can start the selection process of choosing your favorite images and begin laying them out on the page. Any particular images you didn’t manage to find you can now print them from your computer or use your pens to draw or write words that represent the image.

When you are happy with your composition you can glue everything down. It can be very helpful to take the opportunity to write down any insights you had in your journal or if you have done this activity with friends it is wonderful to have the space to talk about what came up in a safe and supportive group.

This is an Intention Collage I created at the Autumn Equinox.

Autumn Intention Collage

I like to leave my Intention Collage somewhere I can see it, at least for a little while, after I have made it. This allows meaningful themes to sink in and reinforces my awareness of my hopes and motivations for the coming months.

I hope you enjoy creating your intention collage and find it a useful and insightful creative exercise, just as I do.

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