Cherishing the Fruits of Summer

Wow!… time flies… It’s been almost two months since my last post!

I’m looking back over my diary and journal to remind myself of the path my creative journey has been taking over these last couple of months. I am reminded of wonderful creative experiences I have been part of and I’m also having a realisation of how quickly I often move on as my attention skips to new goals and pursuits. You could say that this is typical Sagittarius behavior. My inner vision is focused so intently, like an arrow, on my intentions and purpose that I must remind myself often to pause, feel stillness and gratitude, and breathe it all in.

There is no sense in rushing. It’s a life’s work.

Beltaine Bluebells

This theme also came up for me on a wonderful Beltain walk I participated in with Ritual Art In Nature ( Being in the woods at dawn, walking through the blue bells, reflecting, creating, connecting and holding space with a really beautiful and authentic group was an incredibly joyful and inspiring way to call in the Spring.

(To see more images from the Beltain walk go to the ‘Into the Nature Gallery’.)

Mandala Workshop

I also led the last Space to Create session in this current series. It was a Mandala Workshop. I draw mandalas a lot in my own personal practice but have never taught my technique in a workshop before. The session went really well and I got some very good feedback. It was especially nice to share an activity that I have such a passion for and I’m really looking forward to evolving and developing the Mandala Workshop for future sessions.

I’ve been busy making some lovely shop stock… I’m so close to getting my little online shop up and running now, but it’s just gonna take a few more weeks for me to get everything just right before I launch it. I’m trying to have patience and not rush things and know that everything will come to fruition in good time.

(For more images from the mandala workshop go to the ‘Workshops’ Gallery.)

I’m really looking forward to sharing it, but reminding myself to soak up the beauty of the process while I’m on my way there!

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