Thank you for taking the time to come over and visit My Creative Life…

Autumn portraitI’m Susan. Multi-faceted artist, compassionate facilitator, beautifully imperfect work in progress. All round creative creature. Currently of no fixed abode, seeking creative adventures far and wide.

My passion in life is my journey as a creative artist and facilitator. This practice is ever evolving. Gradually taking on new forms and leading me down new avenues as I grow and evolve with it along the way. Experimentation, learning, change and growth are big themes in my work and life. I am an adventurer at heart. Always keen to take on new challenges and explore new processes and ideas.

My art making comes from a creative space that I believe to be innate to all human beings regardless of their artistic ability. A place of deep trust, authenticity and connection. I nurture this connection through regular practice. I make art as a way to explore and integrate my experiences and to honor my role in the creative process of life. I see myself as a vessel for creativity to flow through. My aim is to always remain open and sensitive to experiencing that flow in all aspects of my life.

All of life is a process of creation. By surrendering and honoring this creative flow,

there is no limit to the beauty we can co-create.

My creative process is inspired by the natural world and the earth’s seasonal cycles, meditative and indigenous art traditions and our instinctive, natural abilities to create.

I love connecting with other creative beings and over the past five years I have been finding great joy in developing my work as a creative facilitator through organising skill shares, facilitating workshops and directing collaborative art projects. My primary concern is to create a safe and heart centered environment and gently guide a group through the creative process.

I aspire to encourage all people toward recognising, embracing and celebrating

their own creative potential for learning and growth.

My role as a facilitator and the themes and paths I choose to follow, are a direct reflection of my personal creative practice. It is a great honor to hold space for this creative process to take place and my absolute favourite thing about group facilitation is the sense of gratitude and pride I hold for the beings I create with.

One of my annual projects is facilitating the Site Decor Team at Buddhafield Festival. If you are interested in becoming involved in 2016 you can apply on the volunteer page before April 15th.

I am often dreaming up new offerings for you to come and join me in the creative process. Take a look, I invite you to come along and play with me.

I can also be found pursuing my work and studies as a children’s educator and facilitator. I currently teach sessions in nature based outdoor education, playwork and arts and crafts activities. I am working toward completing my Steiner Waldorf teaching diploma and have huge enthusiasm for exploring other progressive, holistic educational philosophies. Through my work as an educator I hope to encourage children to trust in their own uniwue abilities. To help them to feel empowered through learning and discovering the world in their own special way. I hope to share in the understanding that if we can view the world with curiosity, creativity and wonder then we all have unlimited potential to learn, grow and connect.

Creativity is a way of looking at the world.

It is a willingness to engage and connect with life and actively form the shapes, colours and textures of our experience. To live creatively is a way of being which we are all capable of. Not only that, it is our true and natural state. It is our birthright.

You are a Miracle